Practically anything that does not violate existing legislation and does not require special procedures/equipment. i.e. personal belongings, spare parts, vehicles, electronic articles (including live animals if the papers and vaccinations are in order, by prior arrangement)

What we do not deliver in any case:

– Excisable goods (i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, fuel)

– ADR-covered substances (dangerous, radioactive, toxic, explosive, etc.)

– Disgusting materials

– Substances which may contaminate other packages, in those (or in a vehicle) likely to cause damage

It is strongly recommended that we do not accept liability in bags or boxes (plastic, metal, wood) for the integrity of the belongings packed in bags. The box is not needed to be addressed, it is closed at the time of recruitment and is refered.

In the case of a bicycle or motorbike, it is recommended to wrap around a rag to protect it from polishing.

By clicking on the flight’s departure time the collection times are visible. Of course, before collecting, we are reconciling.

The most convenient course is cash, preferably in euros. It’s also possible in HUF and GBP, but you will be required to account at the bank selling rate (i.e., as you pay the bank to see the final result in euros). In one of the cars you can reach the Bancard payment.

By clicking on the flight’s departure time, the probable delivery times are visible. Of course, you will be reconciling by telephone before delivery.

The basic data, which is absolutely necessary, from where you (sender’s phone number), where (with the recipient’s name and phone number), and about. How much package. We can negotiate all else on the phone, however, it is best to know the exact posting and dumping addresses (phone numbers, or e-mail addresses) and the characteristics of the package (number, dimensions, masses.)

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