General Conditions of Carriage


1. General Conditions
1.1. The Viking Transport Ireland (Registration No. 541656), hereinafter referred to as “courier service”, undertakes the delivery of parcels between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Hungary on door-to-door. On the basis of their individual needs we undertake parcel and delivery on our routes in the following countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.
1.2. In all cases, the service is carried out after a contract with the client party (hereinafter referred to as the customer). The contract will be formalised by completing the order form (available on the website).
1.3. The rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties in matters not mentioned in the general mandate contract shall be included in this GTC.

2. Removals
• 2.1. The carrier shall only move in advance by negotiation.
• 2.2. The removals quote applies to both individual and current removals. The price includes
Include seizure of vehicles, moving luggage in the vehicle and any extra protective packaging, if necessary. The quotation is given as a sum, which is agreed upon by the courier service to the customer.
• 2.3. The customer, after prior consultation, will be formalised on the website by completing and sending the order form.
• 2.4. In the case of removals, both the ordering party and the purchaser-unless it is explicitly recorded in the Ordering tab-is the same person, so that the courier service will contact the same individual.

3. The package
• 3.1. The customer assumes legal responsibility for the contents of the package.
• 3.2. Our company does not take delivery of the following:
• Combustible and combustible materials
• Products under excise duty (cigarettes and other tobacco products, e-cigarettes, alcohol
• means dangerous to the lives of humans and/or animals, capable of extinguishing their lives
• Weapon (firearms, carbines, shotguns, ammunition, firearm parts, guns, knives,
Axes, butterfly knives, boxers, air guns, etc.)
• Dangerous goods within the meaning of the ADR (Regulation on road transport of Dangerous Goods)
• Infectious and undulating goods
• Narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, psychotropic substances
• Any other object that could be perceived as a threat to human life, environment,
Public security, State Security, courier services and Associates.

• 3.3. The owner and the employees of Viking Transport Ireland are not responsible for any illegal content of the package, all liability and criminal proceedings shall be chargeable to the holder of the said consignment. The owner and staff of the Viking Transport Ireland have the right to refuse the package if the packet is closed and the customer/consignor refuses to open it. (see 3.2.)
• 3.4. The package should always be packaged according to its size and contents in order to ensure safe transport. Our company assumes no liability for damage to packets that are not properly packaged. If possible further damages (in other packages, vehicles or drivers) are liable to the customer.
• 3.5. Packaging must ensure that the contents cannot be accessed without causing the surface to trace.
• 3.6. If the package requires special treatment, the customer is obliged to indicate it on the packaging and on the order form.
• 3.7. The recipient’s name, address and telephone number should be clearly displayed on the package/packaging. They get a shipping code for easier handling.
• 3.8. If the customer has entered the package (s) without the knowledge of the delivery service owner or employees of the packet, a material, object not covered or accepted in the contract, and the courier service is derived from any kind of harm, Courier service has the right to charge all costs, penalties for the customer and payment of compensation to the courier service.

4. Recording
• 4.1. The order is always carried out by filling in the Orders form on the website, the customer receives a confirmation in e-mail within 1 hour and the delivery slip must be signed when the package is recorded.
• 4.2. By submitting your order, a contractual relationship is established between the purchaser and the courier service. The customer recognises the provisions of the present GTC as binding.
• 4.3. The package (s) will be added at the address given by the customer at the previously agreed date.
• 4.4. The courier service retrieves the goods from the customer after the shipment is reconciling or signed.
• 4.5. The customer is obliged to provide all the information requested, or to inform the courier service about the special conditions for transporting the consignment.
• 4.6. Any damage resulting from the incomplete packing slip shall be borne by the customer.
• 4.7. When recruited, the courier service must inform the ordering party if the goods are not packed
Correct or damaged. If the customer does not arrange the packaging properly, the courier service records this fact on the shipment, which excludes any complaints.
• 4.8. The minimum age for a parcel is 18 years, a person who, in signing the contents of the package, can assume legal responsibility.
• 4.9. Courier service is financially responsible for the integrity of the consignment (s) received and for the completeness of delivery in several packages.

• 4.10. The Courier service reserves the right to reschedule any possible flights.

5. Cancellation of the Order
• 5.1. Cancellation of the delivery order may be effected free of charge via email or telephone until the courier service has begun collecting the packages in the country and region concerned.
• 5.2 In the case of a pre-recorded consignment which has already been recruited by the customer/consignor and is returned by the customer/sender’s fault, The courier service is entitled to all costs incurred in connection with the customer/consignor them pay.

6. Service
• 6.1. The delivery date is authorized by the courier service to determine the periods indicated in the current shipping plan, 0-24 hours.
• 6.2. The recipient is the customer who has been listed as the recipient on the item, on the packaging, or on its list. If it has not been marked as a natural person, it must be indicated that the recipient will receive the package. In this case, the receiver of the packet becomes a recipient.
• 6.3. The courier service has the right to inspect the recipient’s identity on the delivery of the consignment.
• 6.4. Courier Service supplies the receiver with the general and special instructions (payment, integrity, and signatures) specified in the delivery note.
• 6.5. In case of damaged packaging damage, The courier may also
The possibility and its outcome for the purpose of a possible settlement of claims together with the
Recorded record.
• 6.6. Courier service in case of loss of shipment, lack of content or
liable to damages up to the threshold fixed by the delivery slip in proportion
The customer.
• 6.7. Proof of delivery shall be signed in more copies by both parties. They copies will serve as proof of delivery.
• 6.8. Courier service is not responsible for the consignment, and is not subject to
For the inevitable external reasons. Such external causes may include:
– Natural disaster
-Social events (e.g. war, military/police/duty control or blockade,
Embargo, riot, protest, strike, riot, etc.
– Information, images, data from electrical or magnetic influences
Damage, destruction, etc.
– Traffic mass accident.

7. Damaged, incomplete, unsuccessful delivery
• 7.1. In case of unsuccessful delivery, if the recipient is not present at the address or by telephone, the courier service is entitled to leave the venue. In this case, we will leave a notice in writing, and we will call the addressee for any other submission address. The extra charges for each additional attempted delivery are 50% of the original delivery price for the shipment.

• 7.2. In the case of a failed delivery, e.g., if the recipient refuses to accept the goods, the courier will return the consignment to the sender. In this case, the customer is charged twice the delivery fee (back and forth).
• 7.3. If the return fails, the courier service is entitled to dispose of the parcel freely or sell it. In this case, the courier service is not liable to the customer or the recipient. The first line of the proceeds of the sale will be charged to the costs of the sales, while any remaining amount will be returned to the customer.
• 7.4. If, from the customer’s fault, the courier service delays the delivery and damages any kind of damage to the courier service (e.g. in the case of illicit goods concealed in the package, the incorrect packing of the consignment damages the damage), the customer must compensate the Pay.

8. Method, form and currency of payment
• 8.1. The shipping fee will always be determined on the basis of the rate table on the Viking Transport Ireland website. Special goods not included in the table will be established by individual agreement.
• 8.2. The prices quoted on this website are for transport between Ireland and Northern Ireland – Hungary, and the price of transport to intermediate countries is based on individual pricing.
• 8.3. For consignments that have a significantly different consignment size than the usual
Of the consignment, the courier service reserves the right to form the basis of the tonnage of the
• 8.4. When accepting the parcel, courier service verifies that the package (s) complies with the
The order form. If there is a significant discrepancy, he shall be entitled to
New shipping charges.
• 8.5. The fee may be paid in cash or by bank transfer on delivery or receipt.
In the case of payments in forint or British pounds, a fee should always be fixed on the basis of the Euro currency purchase price.

9. Privacy Statement
• 9.1. Courier services will be collected in accordance with the European Parliament and Council regulation 2016/679 2016 of 27 April, in order to protect natural persons in the processing of data, which will take place on 24 May 2016 and take effect On 25 May 2018 (“GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation”). The data are only requested, handled and stored to deal with the services of Viking Transport Ireland. We will not provide data to third parties without the prior consent of the customer.
• 9.2. When ordering, the customer gives his/her explicit permission to use and store all the data provided in the datasheets for the current and future personalised service. The data will be updated annually with the permission of the customer, which is freely available to the customer at any time.
• 9.3. In case of withdrawal of consent or if the customer does not do more than the courier service, the data will be cancelled within one year.
• 9.4. The courier service will only issue any information if it is requested by public authorities (police and/or other official bodies) or by European law enforcement organisations (EUROPOL, European Customs Office, etc.).

• 9.5. The courier service fully complies with the Irish data protection Act 1988/2003 and EU regulations (EU Data Protection Regulation 95/46/EC).

10. Website and Brand Protection
• 10.1. The following terms and conditions cover the use of our website (
• 10.2. By using our website, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions in its entirety. If the customer does not agree with the terms, he may not use our website.
• 10.3. The use of our website is only allowed for persons over 18 years of age; By using our website, the customer automatically agrees to accept our terms and can prove that you are at least 18 years of age.
• 10.4. You cannot download any material from our website and save it on your computer without asking for any prior permission.
• 10.5. We may not use our website for any purpose other than, but only for, our own or business activities, as outlined in GTC.
• 10.6. We do not allow the information contained on our website to be provided to third parties. All the information exchanged between the courier service and the customer is confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties.
• 10.7. The information provided by the Courier service on our website is accurate, complete, true and not misleading.

11. Registration
• 11.1. Our registered name is Viking Transport Ireland (registration number: 541656) in the Republic of Ireland, 2015. Our official website is located at
• 11.2. Contact details, information and/or feedback can be manage at email or on telephone + 353 868496686 or + 353892429224.

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